Executive Board

Kwaku Amexo, MD, MBA, FACP

Founding Board Member, Vice President of the U.S Ghana Chamber of Commerce

Dr Amexo is a medical doctor with over 30 years of clinical practice experience on three continents. He is specialized in Internal Medicine. During his medical career he developed expert skills in team building and in developing strategic alliances with hospitals and other healthcare professionals. He brings with him a global perspective, having earned his medical degree in Ukraine, and completed his medical residency in his native country of Ghana, West Africa. He earned additional training via residency at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. He also obtained additional knowledge in Infectious Diseases at Temple University in Philadelphia. Dr Amexo currently practices in the United States. Dr Amexo earned his MBA in strategic Management from Villanova University.

Dr Amexo is a founding Board Member of the US-Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Founder of Bisadoc , a telemedicine company . He takes leadership roles in both organizations by providing stratey for business development.

Dr Amexo holds professional memberships with the African Carbbean Business Council, Society of Hospital Medicine, American College of Physician Exercutives, Ghana Physicians and Surgeons of North America and American Telemedicine Association. He speaks English Russian and a major Ghanaian language fluently as well as some French and Spanish.

He is dedicated in improving the health and wealth of Ghanaians and making the world a better place.

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