Executive Board

LaToya Samuels-Wharton, MBA

Secretary of U.S Ghana Chamber of Commerce

LaToya Samuels Wharton, MBA a business consultant and notary public, comes from the pre-eminently paralegal background of a 17- year combined law management office exposure incorporating intensive and extensive experience in business law, corporation formation, human resources; and IT/manager of information services, facilities and operations.

Deploying uncommon intellectual energy and superlative personal industry to achieve exemplary and duly-acknowledged results-oriented performance in both individual and team activities, Ms. Wharton devoted nearly two decades to managing the practice of Drew Salaman, Esquire; a Creditors Rights Attorney with a niche for enforcing judgments. Her consummate expertise in both research and documentation would, over the years, contribute to the unprecedented success of the firm in the recovery of over $100 million owed clients under a wide variety of judgments.

Ms. Wharton is also Managing Partner at C.A.K. Auto Care Inc., a family-owned, Bridgeport, PA-located mechanical and electrical automotive shop that specializes in the total customization of show cars; and maintenance and repair services on the BMW range of luxury cars.

In February of 2018, Ms. Wharton joined a delegation of 65 successful African American industry leaders on an Education and Trade Mission to Accra, Ghana, with the National Black MBA Association. While touring Cape Coast Castle, she learned of the Village of Etsi Sonkwaa, and instantly decided to deploy her inclination towards community resources and education to the benefit of this rustic African village. In March 2018, she incorporated Sibling’s Keeper as a Non-Profit organization, and immediately commissioned an architect to create designs for a library, and outdoor playground. She also did a project cost analysis on land excavation, building equipment, materials and labor.

In April 2018, Ms. Wharton returned to Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, to meet with the Village Chief of Etsi Sonkwaa, and the Sonkwaa School Headmaster to perform needs assessment. She successfully secured two buildings for her community library and computer center projects. She built new netball courts, and secured the support of Niche Cocoa, Ghana’s largest Cocoa Manufacturing and Processing plant, in the process becoming the company’s U.S. Brand Ambassador. In a perfectly ingenious masterstroke of strategic philanthropy, she would later import cases of Ghanaian chocolate to be featured in all of Sibling’s Keeper’s fundraisers in Philadelphia. In June 2018, Sibling’s Keeper held it’s first and hugely successful fundraiser at Penn’s Landing during the Juneteenth Parade.

Ms. Wharton has since traveled to various other countries, representing Ghana and Philadelphia, a World Heritage City, on unique trade and entrepreneurial missions, earning her the twin titles of “Strategic Philanthropist” and “Queen of The Gold Coast” on the Honors Roll of Royal Biographical Institute.

Ms. Wharton, an MBA graduate of LaSalle University, with a concentration in Corporate Organizational Management, had earlier obtained her BA from Peirce College with a concentration in Business Law. She holds multiple Certificates in Computer Networking and Repair from Nassau Technological Center.

Ms. Wharton is a board member of the US-Ghana Chamber of Commerce, the African Caribbean Business Council (ACBC), Sibling’s Keeper (a non profit organization), Martha’s Compassion (a Ghana based NGO); and serves on the Membership Committee of the Young Caribbean Professional Network. Other boards and committees on which she served include: LaSalle University’s Dean Advisory Board, LaSalle Association of Women MBA’s, and Hands Across Philadelphia. She is a member of several charitable organizations and has a passion for sourcing for, and providing resources to those that do not have the means to obtain it on their own.

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